Plus energy balance Halle 8

We work in Halle 8 in Freiburg. The building is one of the first business premises to be renovated in line with the plus energy standard. The well-insulated building shell, a photovoltaic system on the roof (44 kW) and wood pellet heating together create more regenerative energy than is used as heating and electrical power. The photovoltaic system (42 MWh/a) over-compensates for the electrical use of 30 MWh and covers 

the primary energy proportion of the wood pellet heating with 11 MWh/a. Instead of the conventional load of a 1960 tonnes of  CO2 emissions over a period of 20 years, Hall 8 relieves the environment with 80 tonnes of CO2.
For a pleasant room climate in summer, our office has an integrated night-time ventilation system: on n hot summer days with exterior temperatures 34 °C , the room air temperature is only 26 °C