Noise protection

We carry out noise protection proof in accordance with DIN 4109, generally for increased requirements, depending on the necessity also in accordance with VDI 4100 BimSchV and other relevant ordinates and current technical guidelines.There are many noise protection requirements. For exterior components as well as interior components, for example, between occupied units or between MEP and common rooms. When it comes to noise protection with regard to the outdoors, we look for solutions such as optimised wall constructions in conjunction with windows and additional facilities. Even with high noise protection requirements, natural ventilation via the facade should always be possible. When there is no data available for the outdoor noise level, we calculate it using measurements, counts and the SoundPLAN program. When it comes to internal noise protection, we consider dividing elements between classrooms and floors, other residential units, offices and flexibly designed rooms with mobile dividers, often in conjunction with acoustics.